Thursday, July 17, 2008

Said O’Brien: “I intend to be here a long time.”

The Patriot Ledger has a terrific piece today on Dave O'Brien. It's much more comprehensive and insightful than Monday's puff piece in The Boston Globe.

The story even mentions--by name-- Jerry Trupiano which is an almost unprecedented break in journalism etiquette.

O’Brien, 44, is quick to credit Castiglione for that, saying his partner, who is his 26th season calling Sox games on the radio, “couldn’t be a better human being.” O’Brien also saluted Castiglione for not carrying a grudge after the team parted ways with announcer Jerry Trupiano, breaking up a 14-year on-air relationship.

Dave talks about his varying approaches between home town radio and T(alleged)WWL:

“You know who asked me about that is Tito (Francona),” O’Brien recalled. “He said, ‘You’re doing the game (on ESPN) Wednesday night. Now how do you do it differently?’ And I said, ‘Well, Kevin Youkilis is Kevin Youkilis; he’s not “Youk.” Dustin Pedroia is not “Petey.”’ I can’t be familiar because my audience (on ESPN) is not nearly as familiar with those guys as I am, and not everyone has a rooting interest in the Red Sox ... We’ve got viewers in Phoenix, Dallas, Southern California, and they’re not rooting for one (team) or the other, so you really have to play it down the middle.”

Good stuff.

It's worth your time to read it. Also Geffner gets an inconsequential mention, as is deserving.

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