Monday, July 28, 2008

The Soundtrack

The Rutland (Vt.) Herald reprinted the Globe piece about Joe and Dave that I mentioned here a week or so ago.

In doing so,they had two companion pieces about Red Sox listening experiences in the Green Mountain State,or "Westchester North". There were some nice memories, which square with mine, which is why I am so obsessive about Red Sox radio, to the point of silliness, at times.

One piece was written by an editor, Steven Pappas.

Here's an excerpt:

Those guys remain how I prefer to chase the Red Sox dream today. I do it the same way my friends who are lobstermen off the coast of Maine do it. Likewise, my friends who spend weekends at the woodpile or out in the garden. It becomes the soundtrack to whatever else is going on. You almost don't need to follow every pitch when the game is on the radio. You can stop splitting or gardening long enough to hear whether Castiglione's more frantic cues lead to a fist-pumping play or run.

The other companion piece to the Globe article allows some locals to share their experiences listening to the Red Sox on the radio


ish said...

Howie Carr: "Dave O'Brien: The best announcer... who doesn't work on Wednesdays."

Cole Kenman said...

Ish, I'm sure if ESPN wanted to slip Howie a few bucks he'd tell us where Dave works on Wednesdays. :-)

Apparently Mr. Arnold caters to the audience that doesn't listen to every pitch because a moment ago with Vladimir Guerrero on third and Torii Hunter on second I hear the following call: "...base hit...Hunter rounding third...the play at the plate...". Uh, excuse me...what happened to Guerrero? Did he spontaneously combust somewhere between third and home?? Oh sure Dale said it was a 2-run single after describing Hunter's close play at the plate.

But Baseball Radio Announcing 101 says you call a play in the order when it happens, not when you feel like getting around to's not like your audience can see what's happening. ARRGGHHH!!!

Is it any wonder I'm spinning in my grave??