Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1, 2008

So any ways, I heard that Manny got traded.

I love the guy, I even have a Manny do-rag, which is silly for an older gentleman like me. But, I wear it under my bike helmet and it makes me so badass.

Let's give this ownership group some credit. They know when time's up for guys:

Nomah? is he still in the bigs?
DLo? right, how did that work out?
Petey? Exactly

So they pay 7mill for Manny to play in Chavez Ravine. He'll hit and what not, but the left field there is going to swallow him up.

Clearly, the team had quit on him, just as he had quit on the team. For my $.02, I still don't think the Rayz are for real and the mfy are running on fumes. Pudge just looks silly in pinstripes.

Jason Bay is no Manny. Nor is he Jim Rice or Ted The Head.

Think Mike Greenwell. For all you pinkhatters, I know you think of Mike Greenwell as some fat hillbilly from South Florida who runs a putt putt golf course just outside of Boca, but for 2-3 years the guy was electric and could mash.

Plus Bay is from Canada, and you know how well our last Canadian acquisition fared. I'm talking Eric Gagne. Oh wait that sucked.

So I may have run on the string on my logic pyramid here. But anyway, it's a new month, a new day, and there are games to be played. I'll be in my seats looking for the dying fat guy on Sunday if anyone wants to buy me a footlong and a wahm beer.
Otherwise, go sawhk.



The King said...

Fact is that some consider leaving (or getting your pink slip from the Sox) a curse of its own.

Look for Manny to slump and be like the rest of the displaced Red Sox Alumni Association.

Manny like everyone else will look back on Boston as their hey-day in the game.

Yes, we'll miss his productivity. No question. Just tells you something - Sox brass were willing to give up a nearly sure thing in playoffs to possibly having to wait a year. Pretty huge.

I'm sure there are some things that were said behind the scenes by Manny to force this move which wasn't GRAND for the Sox.

soxdownunder said...

‘There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

I have loved Manny over the last seven point six seasons. Those burdened with trawling through my photographs of my visits to Fenway in 02 and 07 and Tokyo for opening day would know this is the case. My office is full of framed pics of, perhaps, the greatest hitter all round hitter of the last 20 years. I think of Buck O’Neil’s description of Babe Ruth when I see Manny at the plate – ‘The way he looked you wouldn’t think that he could do it but when he swung a bat it was the prettiest thing you every saw – aha – it was poetry in motion when [BR/MR] swung a baseball bat’

I went to bed depressed, woke up depressed. I felt this same way when Petey got traded. But the sun came up this southern hemisphere morning, lc made some sense and a fellow called Bay is to play left field in the Bay state. Life goes on.

[almost what I posted on that other creepy place]