Friday, August 22, 2008

Dale heads North

Dave O'Brien is attending a wedding this weekend, so Dale is calling Friday night's game with Joe C in Toronto.

Shades of Glenn Geffner.. I 'm sure there will be talk of the nude beach in Toronto

Dale also confirmed that if the games get to the ALCS and World Series, then he will be doing each and every game, given O'Brien's commitment to MLB International.

Leryn Franco Javelin

Leryn Franco Javelin

Leryn Franco Javelin


Steve said...

I think Dale has been better than Double G, but its not hard to pull that off. I think Dale is better suited for ice hockey he almost sounds bored calling baseball.

Whereas John Rish on the otherhand has been a pleasant surprise and I think has performed better than Dale in the small sample we have.

ish said...

JON RISH. Playoffs. Somebody re-write the contracts!