Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Diary

I can't believe I am writing all this down, but I met a new fella over the weekend. His name is Jason. I didn't catch his last name, but somebody said his last name is Notmanny. He is from the Pittsburgh Notmanny's, which seems like a good family.

He seems nice, and doesn't let other guys get to second base. But he gets on base all the time and even got to home base a few times over the weekend. That was fun. His number is Not24, and he didn't have to pay Curt Schilling any money (charitable donation) to get his old number.

My old flame, whose name was Manuel, left town all of a sudden to go to the West Coast--Los Angeles, I think. It was kind of hard to take the news, and he didn't even text me before he left town. But, that's guys for you. I'll miss him, but even though he was good for me for a long time, his heart wasn't in it at the end. I've already gotten over him, although I wish he didn't look like he was having so much fun with the cool blue do rag he got at the airport on Friday.

Oh well.

I got to go back to the place where we used to hang out on Sunday. Everyone seemed happier and looser and I had a good time. When Jonny P fist-punched the fat cop and ran in from the outfield, I knew that things were gonna be just like before.

Even the rain didn't bother me, although the rain-delay video featuring Jonny P. and The Real Manny in dreadlock wigs lipsynching a song was troubling beyond belief. Even that big green guy Wally, who seems to like attention from the kids too much, looked embarassed to be in the video, which is hard, since Wally has no facial aspect, other than googly eyes and massive amounts of green fur-like fabric. It's funny that the Wally dude wears the same number as Manuel wears out in L.A. now.

And, diary, the fat dying guy wasn't there again, so that train may have sailed, or some such mixed metaphor.

All the guys will be out of town this week, in a different time zone, which means less sleep for me, but they seem to be having fun again, so maybe I shouldn't plan anything for October after all.

Well, diary, it's been fun.



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