Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jimmy Who?

The danger of renting a celebrity to punch up your charity event was demonstrated on the NESN/WEEI telecast, and, amazingly, later in a separate interview of Bill Cosby on the NESN pregame show.

Bill Cosby, who apparently hasn't been corrected by anybody in 30 years, referred to the "Jimmy Fund" as the Jimmy V" fund. Then, incredibly, he mentioned that Jimmy V has been on his TV show, but, "since he was a coach", he couldn't improv.


Notwithstanding that, give some money to the Jimmy Fund today or tomorrow, bitches

1 comment:

ish said...

Entercom should really just get rid of Dale Arnold and have Jon Rish fill in for the rest of the season.

I loved the Jacoby sound byte when he came up to bat. The "Hi" part of the very beginning of his Volvo commercial.