Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Day

Ok, who doesn't like Jason Bay this morning?

And Manny is No 99 in LA?

Did he choose his number based upon the dirty restaurants of the same name.

And Dale Arnold... yikes. He sounds like Miss Julie from The Romper Room. Sorry to drop a 40 year old cultural reference on you, but that's it.


Deph of Field Photo said...

My new man crush is Jason Bay!!!

Steve M said...

Lou may able to confirm this but I believe by hitting a HR off the Volvo sign in the first inning our newest player, Jason Bay won a lucky fan a car in the Volvo contest.

one batter off said...

Unfortunately it's the fourth batter of the first inning who has to hit the HR for the contestant to win the car. The lucky fan did win a $1,000.00 but no car.

Had the Red Sox opted to bat Mr. "Not24" Bay in the Manuel's old spot in the batting order, the contestant would have been better off.