Friday, September 5, 2008

Ice Her

The GOP may be a collection of bloated hacks, but they aren't overtly stupid.

They are sending the headliner on the Palin-McCain ticket back to Alaska, out of the watchful eye of the hungry media:

Howard Fineman reported [last night]..... that Sarah Palin will, after a brief stretch on the trail, head back to Anchorage and away from the national media.

"They're basically taking Palin back to Alaska," said Fineman, citing a senior McCain campaign official.

Fineman's source (and mine) said she'd spent much of the time between now and the middle of next week (when her son leaves for Iraq) straightening her affairs, tending to her official duties, and packing her bags -- having departed abruptly for the national stage. She also seems unlikely to do many major media interviews between now and then, and the campaign seems to feel no urgency about putting her on the Sunday shows.

The campaign will "also use the plane time and time on the ground to begin the education of Sarah Palin," Fineman said. "They want to take that pause to train."

summary: not only is she not ready to be VP, she's not ready to be a candidate.

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