Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sox Clinch, And A Young Joe

The Red Sox clinched the wild card slot. It's what we have hoped for since February 21. Everything begins anew next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, THIS LINK which is a blog about the old days of Rock Radio in Cleveland at WMMS-FM (The Buzzard) features a You Tube clip of a young Joe Castiglione at WJW-TV in Cleveland.

It's the first clip, which in addition to Joe features a world class chaw in the cheek of Joe Charbonneau, one of the greratest one hit wonders in baseball history.

[fixed link]


Steve said...

The link doesnt seem to work but I found it through a google search. "Can you believe it?"

wasnt Charbonneau also knows for opening beer bottles with his eye sockets?

heres the link:

Steve said...

ah yes he also drank beer thru a straw in his nose. Best line of the wiki entry though is this:

"He finished the season with 87 runs batted in and a .289 batting average while winning the American League Rookie of the Year award--all in spite of being stabbed with a ball-point pen by a crazed fan as he waited for the team bus on March 8. The pen penetrated an inch and hit a rib, but Charboneau played his first regular-season game just over a month later, on April 11. He missed the final six weeks of the season with a pelvis injury."