Thursday, October 2, 2008

All You Need To Know

Mrs Palin is being trained for her debate by Brett O'Donnell, who coaches the debating team at Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia.


Since Monday, she has been undergoing intensive debate tuition with Mr O'Donnell at John McCain's ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

Also present are senior McCain aides like campaign manager Steve Schmidt and foreign policy adviser Randy Scheuneman.

Mr O'Donnell will be "undoing" some of Mrs Palin's earlier debate preparation, according to the Wall Street Journal, which had resulted in her producing "rote" responses.

She "flubbed quasi-mock debates" last week, the newspaper alleges, leading to "finger-pointing" within the McCain campaign.

Her advisers will work with her this week "to make sure her responses use 'her words'", the newspaper quotes an aide as saying.

Whichever words she ends up using on Thursday, this year's debate will be one of the most fascinating nights of the campaign so far.

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soxdownunder said...

In re the "debate":
A classic case of managing/diminishing expectations. As everyone expected her to border on incoherent, the fact that she managed to string two words together meant that (at least according to the National Socialists on Fox) she 'won'.

Oh heaven preserve us...


PS Go Daisuke!

soxdownunder said...

Part way through the bottom of the eighth (game 2 ALDS) mrs sdu announced that she'd like to smash the rally monkey almost as much as she'd like to smash Sarah Palin. She's a peach (mrs sdu I mean) and a good egg to boot.

A friend reminded us that the rally monkey has more foreign policy experience!