Friday, October 10, 2008


Now, I have a humble suggestion. And I'm not providing a gooch or reverse gooch , but consider this: I am bringing this up now, because Manny's Return in Dodgah blue seems inevitable and this idea came to me in a moment of utter clarity as I was whizzing in the bathroom at 3:30 this morning.

When Manny comes to Fenway, do not boo, do not cheer.

Clam Up.

That's right what more powerful message could be sent than it Fenway Pahk got absolutely silent every time Manny steps to the plate or does something good or bad. Utter silence. You could hear a rat fart (if there were rats in Fenway, which I am assured by Larry there are none.) Think of it. Total utter silence out of 35k people. We need to build this and get the word out.

Stick with me on this people.

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TMB said...

I love the idea. Sadly, it will never happen that way should it come to fruition.