Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday The 13th

[Good seats still available]

Yuh, well, I attended the game last night/afternoon whatever it was.

Darkest before the dawn, hope springs eternal, and so forth.

I gotta tell you, it's been years since I went to a shittier game.

I'd like to thank all the true fans, the 50 year old broads with leather gloves sitting around me in the bleachers last night. You really brought the passion. Oh wait, no you didn't. I realize I am an important, almost mythical figure, but I didn't expect ManClam '08 to catch on just yet.

It's just that I wish all 35,000 of you that were there last night didn't decide to practice ManClam '08 for an entire fucking game. Jesus, was that place dead.

The crowd was awful. let's put it this way. This was a game where guys didn't go with other guys, or their kids. This was a game where guys went with their wives or clean women who they hope will become their wives.

That kind of crowd. At least the broads in leather gloves left in the 6th inning so I could see the game better. Everyone else left in the 7th or 8th, so it was a very easy exit from the park when the last flail occurred. Cora, right?

Oh and the Red Sox had nothing. Matt Garza look hittable from 500 feet away, but probably less so at the plate.

Now, understand, I have had the good fortune to go to a number of LCS games over the last ten years. Once per LCS series. This was so unlike the other games in intensity, that I felt deflated as soon as I got there. No spark from the boys, nor from the crowd. I mean these losers couldn't even muster up The Wave (which I detest, but mighht have welcomed for a change in scenery last night).

From my shitty seats, I had a very good view of the various parabolas as they cleared the green Monstah, and they were, as they say, well struck. Oh, and Paul Bird.

This game was so out of character that the cops were rousting the South Boston mobsters scalping tickets outside the park.

And, the fat cop who handles the bullpen door was wearing Red Sox mittens.

God Help us all.

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cole kenman said...

For your Wednesday post just say, 'see Tuesday'.

And you thought you saw a shitty ALCS game Lou, tonight has been even worse.

A shame that the defending champs are going down so feebly.

Fans may say it's worse to lose 4-3 than 13-3, but when your team loses by ten runs you start wondering whether your team deserved to be playing on October 14 in the first place...