Thursday, October 30, 2008


This cannot end soon enough, and I fear the worst. This morning driving, more than half of the Obama signs along the side of the road had acquired an "N" stenciled above his name over night. Classy bunch I live with.

But, let's face it, the stencilers are being fed by McCain and his ugly crew. My New York Times informed me this morning (before I had a chance to shovel some undercooked oatmeal down my throat) that "socialist" is the word people attending McCain rallies most use to describe Obama.

Now, I am an older gentleman who remembers the word being used to describe Eugene Debs who died more than a half century ago. Let's face it folks, the word "socialist" hasn't been part of the discussion since at least the Eisenhower Administration.

So, what's going on here? It's simple. "Socialist" = "Nigger". You think I'm kidding? Well, my 85 year old mother will instruct you. She says, about Obama, "There's something about him I just don't like". I say " You mean because he's black?" "Oh no, I would never say that", she replies. Of course, she's right. She would never say that, nor would anyone else.

So, we say "He's a socialist" Wait, you say, "what's that got to do with being black?"

Well, I say, plenty. "Socialist", during my formative years meant "crazy", "radical" "eastern european", "shady".

What it means these days, or what McCain and his scum cronies have latched onto is that it means "He's not one of us". So, you can call Obama a socialist and you are basically saying he's not one of us, he's the black devil.

For this reason alone, McCain should be drawn and quartered. I know he's a "war hero" (we lost that one by the way), but dude has dined out on that shit for 40 years. Enough.

with respect.


soxdownunder said...

Racist scum...

susan mullen said...

The NY Times is invested in having the public believe this election is about race. They silence objections to Obama by saying every objection is racist.(Such as the word socialism). Various dirty tricks, epithets, etc. have been falsely attributed or completely invented. In other words, racial epithets-things easily sensationalized by the media-are often done by the allegedly aggrieved side for publicity. Words are weapons but they are also jokes. I have also lived a long time, and the word socialist has nothing to do with race. It is a system of government, economy, culture, spirit, way of life. In any case, a person's actions speak much louder than words. A newspaper in England, not the US, finds Obama's aunt living in this country illegally, having lived for several years courtesy of hard working taxpayers in Boston. Obama is a millionaire, claims he's his brother's keeper, that others are selfish. He personally owes every penny back to the taxpayers of Boston for his aunt's living costs and legal expenses incurred. And that is not even getting into the legalities of the whole thing, her contribution to his campaign, etc., and her saying she'll tell all after the election. These are actual facts that describe the candidate's character. It has nothing to do with race. On the other hand, if you are determined to make it about race, when Governor Palin was recently hung in effigy, no arrests were made. A few days later when Obama was hung in effigy, 2 people were arrested and put in jail. Your candidate says you are selfish, yet he is a millionaire allowing his relatives to live in squalor.

soxdownunder said...

Yeah, well Susan, the fact is that if the Democratic Party doesn't win this presidential election, there will be only one reasonable inference to draw. And guess what, it isn't that the 'American people' turned on Obama because he didn't support his poor relatives or because he didn't pay back his Aunt's social security payments to the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It will be, plain and simple, the Bradley effect.

LC said...

I respect both Susan and sdu. Let's not perpetuate this

soxdownunder said...

Nuff said. Sorry Susan, no offence meant!

Anonymous said...

can the last person to read this blog turn out the lights.