Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings, Friends

[with deep apologies to Roger Angell]

Greetings, friends, please take a seat
As we search for Hot Stove heat.
Your humble writer has endured
An off-season fouler than a turd.

In search of warmer, gentler times
Return to Summer through these rhymes.
'08 was great, except of course
The end, which shattered with great force.

Down to the last, the boys recovered
And then The Rayzzzz; our hopes were smothered
But lest we think that all is lost
Let's recall Summer amidst the frost.

Dice-K, Lowery, Okajima
With Papelbon, who needs the Steamah?
Mikey picked 'em, Jacoby ran
Yoooouk's a monster, Papi's hand...

Tito rocked, and so did Dustin
Theo dealt. God Praise Justin.
Beckett was a batter tamer.
Nancy's hypobaric chamber...

One fine day came Jason Bay
The same day Manny went away.
Coco Crisp was held in check
As was our Captain Varitek.

Lester's bester, Bucholz not.
Yankees lacked a pissed-in pot.
Will that change in 0 0 9?
The games are played between the lines.

Timmy's floatah; That was nifty.
Fenway beers? Pay $7.50.
Schilling couldn't come to play
Yet still he had some words to say.

Thanks for a great year, kids. See you in the Series.


1 comment:

soxdownunder said...

Well done LC – happy new year. Please see my attempt at literary review in that other creepy place. Meanwhile, given the raison d’etre of this place, can I offer:

Young Glen Geffner, run out of town
To Florida, the clown went down
38 Cliches kept the count
At season’s end, Glen’s score was nought*.

[* The final word must be pronounced ‘nowt’ to maintain an approximate Hudibrastic form. No more or less convincing that ‘Jason O’ with “Yo’” IMO]