Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Big Girl

Thanks to Ken at Fang's Bites for illuminating me on the identity of the Big Blonde Person who was interviewing/preparing the eat Tom Verducci the other night on the MLB Network.

She's Trenni Kusnierek.
That's Trenni, folks.

She has grown up over the years.
Ken and the rest of you can rest easy, since I am spending the next few days in an MLB Network free zone


kzfone said...

I don't know where you found that bottom pic of Trenni, but I'm stealing that, LC. LOL.

By the way, I am enjoying your rants against MLB Network. Not everyone is liking the content and I'm glad you're putting them up here.


rich said...

Good news for Joe Castiglione if the Sox sign Rocco Baldelli -- now, the next time he fawns over his favorite player in the world, he'll at least be playing for the right team!