Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The MLB Network Still Sucks

Maybe I am in a minority, but to me the MLB Network is an embarrassment.

I spent most of Monday evening watching the thing, and was enraged by its shallowness.

First there was a clip show, with the top nine center fielders of all time. [spoiler alert} Willie Mays.

Then a clip show with the top nine home runs of all time. [cough] Bobby Thompson. The content was timeworn clips with brief on camera comments by luminaries such as Don Zimmer and Mitch Williams, who it turns out is on the payroll of MLBN now.

Again, the clips were ones you've seen for years. The approach to the whole thing was like a 5th grade book report. with fancier graphics.

Then, for one hour, there was a clip show..not narrated. A fucking clip show.

This particular clip show managed to include 95% of the clips that had been included in the home run clip show. Multiple times.

So, in the space of 90 minutes, I saw the following clips between 4 and 6 times.

1. Babe Ruth in his crown
2. Babe Ruth winking
3. Lou Gehrig saying how lucky he was
4. Kurt Gibson, I can't believe what I just saw

and many others. I mean the whole thing is shallow beyond belief. A whole book was written about Bobby Thompson's home run and about how the Giants were stealing signs. Maybe that would make the clip show more interesting

So, after two hours of repetitive clip shows, we get the live studio show. Ladies and gentlemen, Victor Rojas. Matt [Geffner] Vagersarian was calling the unimportant penultimate BCS game on Fox. So, the live show soes 12 minutes on Burrell to Rayzzz and MB to Cubzzz, with pedantic blather from Harry Reynolds, Mitch Williams [see above] and Joe McGrane [!!!]. I guess Gammons got stuck in traffic.

After that, guess what, 8 more minutes of the same with a new panel, namely Tom Verducci, who looked embarrassed to be alive, let alone be on the set of the MLBN, and an [allegedly] female host, who looked like a really big girl, if you know what I mean.

Good for her, I didn't catch her name.

I just thought MLB would do better than this.

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Wax Heaven said...

THANK YOU! I feel the exact same way.

Their seasons show which focused on specific years completely glossed over Jose Canseco in the 1986 episode despite him winning the rookie of the year.

Instead, the drooled all over Wally Joyner and the ridiculous "Wally World".