Thursday, March 5, 2009

MLB Network Fails To Improve 2.0

In the interest of fairness, as well as what remains of my sanity, I have avoided trashing the MLB Network the last few weeks, in hopes that their weak beginning was just a Fallon-like shakedown cruise.

Now, however, we see that the whole operation is just a cheap, shoestring run piece of crap. I settled into watching the MLB network last night, for a riveting exhibition game between the Mariners and Australia, of all people, who have a team in the World Baseball Classic. Don't get excited, Italy and South Africa, notorious baseball powerhouses, also have teams.

Well, the game was on from Peoria, Az and it took me a while, but I realized in the 2nd inning that MLBN was just piping in the local TV feed from the Seattle crew. It's always nice to know that good flex packages are still available for 6-game sets at Safeco field.

No MLB Content or announcers. Local TV quality graphics. Does anyone support HD MLBN? My cable company doesn't. MLBN is in the upper 100's along with the Jesus Christ Network (all praise his name), the USArmed Forces Channel (those junior petty officer weather babes are kinda hot) and a bunch of food.

No original game content? re-directed local feeds? it's a network on the cheap.

And as Exhibit B, kindly note the high production value, professional delay and otherwise classy approach the other night when Matt Vagersarian managed to say "fuck" on live MLB Network.


Ish said...

I was just listening to an audio clip of Geffner doing the Marlins broadcast and I feel pretty good where he is right now. He's a pretty good baseball radio broadcaster but my biggest problem with him was his placement in the Red Sox booth, and how I just never felt he should have been calling Boston Red Sox games, especially a year after the Joe and Jerry duo that had been in existence since 1993.

He sounds good for a team like the Marlins.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. The Network is just starting, it won't be perfect. You want them to send production crews to cover exhibition games? Oh, they have to use a local feed? It'd certainly be better to just not show the game in that case.

Also, good job about complaining that you don't get it in HD and wondering whether anybody gets MLBHD (just because you don't, oh no!), and then linking to a video that clearly comes from the HD channel.