Thursday, March 26, 2009

MLB Network

I just don't get it. The NFL Network is run by pros and has a theme nd flow to it, even in the offseason.

MLB Network, not so much. They dumped a local feed with the Nationals and Braves into the mix last night. That game ended early, so they had nothing until 10 pm, so after a few long form promos, they slapped up a Top Nine thing on shortstops.

Meanwhile, Sayid, if that's really his name, was killing Harry Potter-looking Ben, but probably not, since they are all Farraday can't mess with the time line over there on Lost.

One of the great things about Lost this year is that they are stunting characters with actors who have established memorable characters on other TV shows. Three weeks ago, they introduced Patrick Fischler, who plays the cuckolded lounge singer on Mad Men and broke up a fight between him and the guy who plays Herk on Friday Night Lights. Last Night, Oldham, who I'm guessing is central to the next 1.2 seasons was portrayed by William Sanderson, who memorably played "Larry" one of the three dimwit brothers on The Bob Newhart Show.

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