Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dale Again

It didn't take long (one game) for Dave O'Brien's ESPN duties to take him away from the friendly confines. Dale filled in well, although Mrs. LC was quick to ask me if "the guy that was on last year" would be back this year. I informed her that Dave had done the opener. Now, with a West Coast trip that includes another Wednesday game (Dave's day on TAWWL), we'll see if he goes West or if there will be "adjustments" [update: during Thursday's game, Dave mentioned that he would be on the West Coast with Joe for the Angels and then on to San Francisco]

Ken, over at Fang's Bites has an even-handed appraisal of MLB Tonight vs. Baseball Tonight. ESPN wins convincingly, so maybe I'm winning him over. Of course my dyspeptic rants on MLB Tonight have little substance, compared to his thoughtful analysis.

Last night, I attended a bad local play where the whole audience (average age 75) unaccountably howled with laughter throughout, so I missed the rich fulsome production values of MLB Network. My gain.

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kzfone said...

You're too funny. Winning me over. You had me at hello. LOL.