Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Report From The Front

I guess you all have moved past this, but I went to Friendly Fenway yesterday for the first time in 2009. First, the important news: the ailing large gentleman down and to my left was not there, nor was there anyone in the seats that seemed to be genetically connected to him, so RIP that guy. The park was 1/3 empty at game time. a cold day to be sure, but the beeahs were flowing in monumental quantities. I think the RS crowd has officially jumped the shark, since noone, except for your humble observer watched even a portion of the game. 2 strikes by Masterson? silence, rumble rumble, noone on their feet. I think Larry could have rolled out a donkey show at 2d base in the top of the 6th and no more than 500 people would have noticed. We are a complacent bunch, esp. when the hapless Birds are in town. Of course, the mood shifted into high hilarity when Neil Diamond dropped in via record player for the mid-8th inning. Oh-Oh-Oh indeed. Then, the crowd left. I was among the last remaining to see Hunter Somebody make his major league debut in the top of the 9th. Good for him. Then, surrounded by a few drunks who little knew where they were, I was able to score a used souvenir cup to the exiting strains of Tessie.

I must say, the re cementing of the seating bowl over the winter is a major achievement, but somehow (although they put new red seats with cup holders for the special people), they managed to save a few dollars by RE-INSTALLING the grandstand seats, which are already chipped.

And the RS won.

not that anyone cares

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