Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rish Gets The Call

[update 2:35 am]

Baseball is a funny game...Travis Buck won the game on an infield hit in the botom of the 12th. 6-5 A's who didn't score for 11 innings/4 hours. Thank God Rish was there. Joe would have had a rough time if Obie had left for the airport at 9 pm (local)

[end update]

As I write this, the starting pitchers in the Sox-A's tilt have had a shit-the-bed contest in the first inning. Turns out Dice-K lost the game within the game. Out after one ineffective inning. The shit-the-bed winner, some fellow by the name of Eveland made it to the 4th, maybe more since I am going to bed.

With Dave O'Brien headed East for TAWWL duties on Wednesday, Entercomm/RedSox/WRKO coughed up round trip plane ticket for Rish so he could call tonight' s mess, along with the day game tomorrow. I hope he enjoyed the peanuts on the plane, because this isn't really shaping up as quality baseball at The House That Al Built.

And, shockingly "Glass" Garciaparra left the game after one inning. Some things don't change

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