Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take That, Matt Vag

The "rock" of the alleged MLB Network went in for some criticism, with which I agree.

Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network has the voice and looks that could make him a top sports broadcaster. Too bad “professionalism” isn’t part of his repertoire at this stage, as shown in his inappropriate comments made on the air Monday evening.

I have been criticized for piling on the MLB Network, so I have quietly watched for the last few weeks. Personally, I don't think it's gotten much better. A case in point last night went something like this: Matt Vasgersian and the panel were interviewing Jason Bay, who by the way is good. They cut off his call, just hung up on him, because they had Justin Verlander on. They joked and joked about hanging up on Bay, then did a pedestrian interview with Verlander, who had, five minutes before, been on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, when that crew actually asked him some questions that shed light on things. The MLBN people seemed more interested in whether Verlander had ever heard of any of them, as opposed to getting information from him.

All in all an amateurish performance

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