Thursday, May 28, 2009


Let's call it. John Rish is the official backup to Dave O'Brien, with Dale Arnold having called one random game with Joe this year.

Rish is informed and enrgetic. He is also not particularly interesting, and like the nonlate, nonlamented Glenn Geffner has a real Connecticut School of Broadcasting flavor to his delivery. Unlike Geffner, who had no self awareness, Rish may actually improve in time, and don't get me wrong he's in no way Geffner-like bad.

My most enduring criticism of Rish's delivery is that he tries to "sell" his delivery by pushing emphasis on the end of most sentences. It's hard to pout into words, but listen for it in today's game and I'll try nto give you some examples. Of course your mileage may vary and at least he's not Glenn Geffner. But Rish is on the knife's edge: he could get much better or he could conttinue to be Radio Guy calling a baseball game. Time will tell.

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