Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Up The Food Chain

It's Wednesday, and John Rish is back on with Joe.

None of Dale's built in excluses applies (i.e. I don't like to travel), so I guess Rish is officially the backup for Obie

Meanwhile, Joe read NESN's release about Jerry Remy's "indefinite" leave to fully recover from cancer surgery. Eck is taking his place, for now.

[update] soon to be best-selling co-author Dave Scott has a good view of this, as well as a veiled critivcism of the recent Globe Sunday magazine piece, which managed not to mention Jerry's condition

Jerry is missed, but Eck is fun to listen to.

Here's my favorite Eck story, as told by Bill Lee:

"He knew more words that weren't in the dictionary than ones that were," Bill Lee wrote in his autobiography.

Among them:
* "Yakker for your coolu" meant a fastball that was going to drill someone;
* "Cheese for your kitchen" meant a fastball up and in;
* "Getting oiled" meant going drinking.

"Dennis called me Sherwin Williams, claiming I was the greatest painter of home plate," Lee wrote. "I said, 'Well, then why don't you call me Picasso or Renoir?' But, no, Sherwin Williams was his idea of a great painter. I guess it was because Sherwin had made more money than the other two."

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