Friday, June 12, 2009

The calm Before The Storm

Sure, the Red Sox are playing the World Champion Phillies this weekend, which is exciting and all, but my calendar has been circled for Tuesday-Thursday next week since the schedule came out in December.

What? You say?

The Florida Marlins are coming to town.


Oh, and not for nothing, but Dave O'Brien's call of the game last night was riveting. We are lucky to have him six days a week.

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Moe Berg said...

1) So happy we didn't sign Mark Teixeira. I would have hated having to look at that big, dumb mouth-breathing face every day. His mouth looks like one of those blow-up sex dolls, or Harpo Marx's "Gookie" face ( He is the Dane Cook of number three hitters.

2) Joe: Annoying enough when you say "Els" EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now: "JBay"?? Too much. Let's email him and say "a little less with the nicknames, already."