Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dave Roberts

Listen, the guy stole second base at a critical time in 2004, so I am not gonna go all Geffner on him, but last night's Nationals' game on NESN was a little rugged for Dave.

1. He has a habit of repeating or slightly reframing what either Orsillo just said or what he himself just said.

2. A couple of times toward the end of the game, he wasn't putting sentences together, just saying random disconnected phrases.

And another thing, not Dave-Roberts connected: what the fuck is up with the uber high angle homeplate shot in Nationals Stadium?. it looked more like a soccer match with the little men on the field. NESN, let's try to pluck out a lower anger establishing shot tonight.

The scoreboard is nasty big isn't it?

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Cole Kenman said...

Quick thought on Roberts: he's far from perfect, but if you watch old NESN rebroadcasts from twenty years ago, you'll realize Remy started out much the same way.

Roberts retired from playing baseball in March...of this year. He's been a broadcaster all of three months. Give him time, I've heard enough good to think he'll get better with time and the producers will pull him aside to let him know what to stop doing.