Monday, June 22, 2009

Jerry Trupiano Now

Recently, Jerry Trupiano began a series of podcasts, entitled "A View From The Booth".

It's wonderful to hear him opine about hockey, baseball and other things near and dear to him.

This seems to be an effort to start a new career path after having been wrongly replaced by the Boston Red Sox at the end of the 2006 season.

Welcome back Jerry, may you succeed in your next gig.

I'll be posting links to his podcasts, so you can enjoy a real pro. Sorry Geffner, and sorry Rish, but this guy has knowledge and pipes and memories and attitude that you'll never have.

A fan,



Mr. Saucy said...

Has there ever been a formal explanation as to why he was let go?

He and Joe together were the best. DO'B is very good and I have no problem listening to him, but Trup was great.

Lt_Lima said...

I just had an opportunity to read through your site - it's great to see someone so passionate about the Red Sox radio team. Your blog reads as a true, complete history of the post-Trupiano era.

As an aspiring baseball radio broadcaster myself, I have to say that you are spot on with nearly everything you have to say. It was listening to Trup and Joe as a kid that inspired me to explore a career in broadcasting. Even now, while I enjoy Dave O'brien tremendously, I long for the days of tuning in to Jerry and Joe on an August afternoon.

Keep up the great work in all that you do here. Here's hoping that you have some good news to report about Trup's permanent job search in the near future.