Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Listening To Glenn Geffner in Boston

I'm giving a shot to listening to Glenn Geffner as part of his triumphant return to Fenway, which has gone unnoticed by virtually everybody, except me of course.

I'll keep it up tonight until I snap the cat's neck (literally not figuratively)

Pre-game: I'm happy to report that Glenn Geffner still talks as fast as a human being can and still breathe.

And he's full of stats, referrring to the Marlins's 9-6 record in the last 15 games as a "surge"


He had Mike Lowell on a pregame interview, and Mike didn't really act like he had ever seen him before.

Oh, and Glenn has stated four times that "it's a great night for baseball". He urged South Florida fans to visit Fenway some time, "although you probably won't be able to get tickets"


I know it is unfair, but the guy is unlistenable. fast fast fast. I can't understand what he is saying until I process it back through my head a second time.


apparently, Lowell has legall changed his named to "FormerMarlinMike Lowell"


Ish said...

I saw earlier tonight that Geffner's going to appear, I think on NESN's pre-game show before tomorrow night's game. I don't remember if it was the pre-game or Sportsdesk but I'm almost 100% sure it's Thursday night's pre-game.

Ish said...

Picture of the three remaining in the Sox booth. From Soxbooth on Twitter.

...Put a tiny moustache on Rish and who does he look like?