Sunday, June 14, 2009

T Minus Two

Until that notorious oxygen stealer Glenn Geffner invades Fenway space, so for a taste of his in depth baseball knowledge, here's a hilarious anecdote from the Geffster:

The hot topic was volatile All-Star Manny Ramirez, who had been demanding a trade.

Then the door to Francona's office flew open.

"Millar walks in with his arm around Manny,'' recalled Marlins radio announcer Glenn Geffner, who was in the room that day as a Red Sox official. "And he starts speaking on behalf of his client. 'Look, my client loves Boston, he's happy in Boston, he wants to stay in Boston, he wants to win a World Series again with the Red Sox.'

"Manny stood there with a smile on his face and nodded. I think Millar said a thing or two in jumbled Spanish and everybody in the room was laughing and the whole situation was defused as only Millar could defuse it.''

Stop me from laughing so hard, that fucking guy Geffner is comedy gold

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