Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Game To Erase Night Mare

Rish is on the mike, as usual on Wednesdays. Nobody told the board op back at the station, who played the Joe C/Obie playin.

If there's anything interesting to say during the game, I'll log it here.

[ok, not much of a game up to the 9th]


Game Tied!!!!! 5-5

6-5 final. As Rish said at the close, "we had them all the way"


Anonymous said...

Lou, I went back through some of your previous posts so I apologize if this has been answered already.

I don't listen to every Sox game on radio (or for that matter when I do listen it may not even be for the whole game), but up until this year I was always pretty good at guessing the inning before I even heard it mentioned.

Under the previous announcer rotation, Joe always called innings 1-2, 5, 8-9 and all odd-numbered extra innings. This year it seems to be all mixed up, as there have been times I've heard Dave call the ninth. Are they still using a format or does it now change by the game? And does Dave actually do any ESPN-related commitments on nights other than Wednesdays? Is that why he's not always calling the same innings, because he has to run off during the Sox broadcasts and report/record something for ESPN?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to also mention that Joe still appears to hold to the old 1/2/5/8/9 format when he does Wed. games with Rish, although I'm not listening today.

Also, is Dale even part of the rotation anymore or has Rish been promoted to full-time third guy status (with his postgame talkshow duties eliminated)?