Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've got to say congratulations to Dave Roberts. He has shown tremendous improvement this week in the NESN 2nd chair role. Roberts has obviously worked his ass off in the last few weeks to improve his content and technique.

Praise where praise is due.


EarRe Feeling said...

Ned Martin once worked with Jim 'Possum' Woods, who said, during a particularly dire late inning interlude vs. the Bombers: 'The Yankee bats are loaded, and the RedSox are blindfolded with their backs to the Wall.' Possum+Ned was, in my experience, the best team ever.

Monty said...

Interesting...I haven't noticed much improvement.
I would think job 1 would be to stop saying "ya know" every few words. Hasn't happened.

MikeV said...

Dave Roberts needs (a lot) more time in the minors. Apart from saying "you know" every 30 seconds, he keeps on babbling while play is happening on the field. He keeps talking about like players like Terry Francona at a press conference -- but Francona is the manager and is supposed to do that. Give me Eck, or Jim Kaat, or Buck Martinez, if any of them could be persuaded to work full-time for the Sox - I heard Eck on TBS doing the Phillies-Giants game in SF on Sunday and he was good there too.