Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I listened to the game last night, to the bitter end, and during the pivotal ninth inning, Joe C had the call to himself.

The inning went on for a while and I thought, "Oh, well Obie has already left so he could fly to whatever shithole he is doing a game from for ESPN on Wednesday." Joe sounded lost and was really struggling with the call, because J Papelbon was desparately trying to shit the bed in his relief appearance,

A little help from O'Brien would have been useful to Joe and your humble listener/scribe. But Obie was MIA.

Much to my surprise, I heard the wrap-up show, and there was O'Brien LIVE interviewing J Bay along with Castig.

We listeners deserve the best product and if O'Brien is too cool for the room or doesn't want to get involved in the 9th inning of a must-win game, then I say get him out of there.


Apparently, O'Brien is doing the ESPN Game from Toronto, which makes his non-appearance more perplexing.


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hilary said...

At the Sunday day game in Texas, I had a great and shady view of both the field and the press boxes. I observed Joe and Dave with their window open calling the game, which I thought seemed ridiculous considering the boxes are air conditioned and the outside was 100 or more, but I digress. I noticed that Dave did a disappearing act for both the bottom of the 8th and the top of the ninth and I concluded that he must have left the game from illness, exhaustion, heat stroke, etc. But no, he popped back in for the last batter and to give the grim game wrap up.