Thursday, August 27, 2009

Papi Walk-Off

That shit never gets old.

That was a pretty sweet display last night all the way around.

VMart catching with a First baseman's mitt
AGon going deep
Bard unfuckinghittable.

Not to be grumpy, but would somebody tell HWatney to go home?

Here's her post-game interview with Ortiz:

HW You hit a walkoff home run. What did that feel like?

DO: [muffled]

HW: Your teammates mobbed you at home. What was that like?

DO: Good

HW: Tim Wakefield pitched a good game. What was it like to see him out there?

DO: Thanks to God.

And finally, can each of us go to the
Jimmy Fund page and donate 10 or 20 dollars? The radiothon is unlistenable, for many good and bad reasons, but we should do our part.

Tell 'em Ted sent you.

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