Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back From The 'Burgh

The weekend, which found me in...

drumroll please....



Oh, what a rich effulgent life I lead.

So, naturally, I went to PNC Park, which by the way, is a fucking beautiful ball park, which, by the way, puts Larry's Fenway Vomitorium to shame. But enough of my digestive habits.

Highlights of the game: J Lugo leading off and getting on base. He played both 2nd and short (not at the same time), and has lost the " I see dead people look" that his visage conveyed in Boston. Brandon Moss hit in the five-hole for the Buccos, after Lastings Milledge. The Bucs have a guy named Andrew McCutcheon whom I have already penciled in as a late season acquisition for the RS in 2011, once his arbitration eligibility attaches. Aside from the goofy white-guy usher, who started telling me about his "health problems" about 15 seconds after he showed me my very fine club level seats, which cost less than my shitty GS seats at The House That Beer Built, it was a fine day. I saw a unicorn for the second Sunday in a row, namely, a walkoff win from the Buccczzz.

Also J Smotlz was sighted, looked relaxed. He showed up late, which means the play was slow at Oakmont on Sunday morning.

NL ball is decidedly poor, but quick-- a 6-5 game in under 3 hrs. Pujhols (sp?) looks like a men among boys in that collection.

Bring on the O'zzz


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