Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Game One- Same Old Jive

Yup it's Opening Day, and the blood courses through one's veins as the Boston Red Sox prepare to return to, and so forth and so on.

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien are in San Antonio for the NCAA Women's Final Four on ESPN. [go Cardinal].

Fortunately, the Joe Castiglione in San Antone is the Athletic Director of Oklahoma ( at least until he gets fired later this month).

Unfortunately, the Real Joe Castiglione is at Fenway with-- wait for it-- John Rish on the radio.

Same Old Shyte

[early game update]

I am in a far away place tonight, so I have to listen to the game on MLB Gameday Audio. Now, this is a self-renewing annual subscription and the crooks at MLB charged my card about two weeks ago. Tonight, I went looking for the link. Couldn't find it. In it's place was Game Day Audio with some graphics add-on. Something I would have to pay another fee for. After about 20 minutes, I found the "old" Game Day Audio under "alternative audio". It was buried. I bet a lot of people can't find it.

[further update]

Glad to see that the tradition of in game yammering by advertisers has started up again. The dope Elliot from Jordon's furniture got to yap about his free furniture giveaway for about 25 minutes. it's a sham. He buys an insurance policy to underwrite the eventuality that the condition of the contest will be met (in this case a RS player hitting his sign--that old gag). He also changed the rules during the inning. He started out by saying that if a player didn't hit his stupid sign, then everyone would get "20% back". He later said that if a player didn't hit the sign, then the dopey customer would get 20% of his purchase off a future purchase. Big difference and insulting even to the intelligence of RSN.

Good Evening, Dennis Drinkwater!

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rich said...

What a mood killer when I switched from the tv to the radio for the last half of the game. Jon Rish.

On Opening Day, no less. (O'Brien really should put this ahead of his other commitments. I mean, Opening Day.)

I know this is sacrilege, but even Geffner would have been BETTER! BETTER!! Sure, he was incompetent and amaturish, but at least he wasn't so gratingly mannered!! That bored, ironic drawl with which Rish delivers every single line!

Yes, at least it wasn't the idiot Dale Arnold, we can be thankful of that, but God!! How can we make WEEI realize how crappy "J.R." is??

A few times when he was droning on almost into the pitch I could sense Joe wishing he'd hurry up and make his point, though he's too much of a gentleman to truly show his feelings.

And THEN, at the key moment of the game, not only does Rish get to make the big call, which hopefully won't become part of the archived rotation, but he refers to Pedroia's homerun as a "Two-run jack!" "JACK." Arrghhhh.

(Oh, and then he neglects to give the UConn Women's score in the postgame...buffoon!)