Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking Stock

Well, ok then. 25 games into the season and the RS are at a blistering .440 pace, with no evidence of effort or talent being displayed by the team.

So, rather than dwell on that, try these on for size:

The Red Sox Broadcast is actually pretty interesting, given the substance of what is happening on the field.

Dave and Joe seem very comfortable with each other, and Dave even gets in a few jabs now and then (in a friendly way of course).

The new announcing pattern, first discussed here has taken shape: weekend games (Fr, Sa, Su)

O'Brien calls innings 1 and 2, Joe, 3 & 4, and so on. During the week, the pattern is reversed. Rish is on Wednesdays, as always. The pregame show lasts about 6.5 hours now, so Rish has a lot of content responsibility. I'm still not a big fan, but he's no Glenn Geffner. I'd be speculating if I thought that Obie was just trying to avoid three weekly reads of that stupid memorabilia spot that someone has to voice in the third inning. But, that's inside baseball, and I'm just a dopey listener.

Another curious development is that the music bumpers into each half inning now seem to have some relevance to the game (e.g. a couple of Rush songs when it was mentioned that Geddy Lee was at the ball park in Toronto on night last week; the song "Pressure" leading into, well, a pressure situation during the execrable finale of the Oriole's game on Sunday). All in all, who ever is doing it has caught my attention and admiration. It makes it fun.

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