Friday, January 28, 2011

More Rish on Wednesdays

With the news today that Obie will be doing the Wednesday Night ESPN games, with Mr. Nomar Hamm, well, that means that John ("I'm John Rish") Rish will be populating the booth with Joe C unless Entercom finally figures out that he is not much of a placeholder, which I am not very hopeful about.

Also Sean McDonough and his speech imperfections will return to ESPN baseball on Mondays.

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Cole Kenman said...

Apparently someone else agrees with you that Rish is not the 'placeholder', but Jon must be miffed after hearing about Dale Arnold's new 'utility' role at WEEI, which includes being Dave's regular Wednesday replacement.

Oh well Jon, better gear up for your rain-delay editions of 'Sox talk'. Can't wait to hear you explain who's in charge of rescheduling games to your buddy John from Medford!