Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BREAKING... Rish Full Time On Rain Delays, now

Along with being tossed out of the WEEI midday role, reportedly being replaced by soundalike Mike Mutnansky, Dale Arnold will pick up the Wednesday duties on radio with Joe C, when Obie is being Obie on ESPN on Wednesdays. Dale's loss is our gain, as John "I'm John Rish" Rish was ill-suited for the long haul of a 7 month baseball season. Here's how it was reported in the ever-shrinking Boston Herald:

Arnold said he will be WEEI’s “designated vacation fill-in host,” which amounts to about 100 days a year. He will also be filling in for Celtics [team stats] play-by-play announcer Sean Grande and Red Sox [team stats] play-by-play announcer Dave O’Brien for about 25 to 30 summer baseball games.

@GlobeChadFinn had his rehash here
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