Saturday, March 12, 2011


A few days ago, I reported on Jerry Trupiano's Youtube channel, apparently designed to show off his broadcasting skills in order to get a new gig.

Now, Jerry has kicked it up a notch, creating a website to the same end

It promotes "Media Services Available"

* Play-by-play baseball, football, basketball, hockey and boxing
* Talk Show Host
* Sports Anchor
* Interviewer
* Commercial Spokesperson
* Voice over Talent
* After Dinner Speaker
* Emcee For Corporate Functions
* Writer

It also has testimonials (dated March 2011) from both Joe Buck and Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz, CBS Sports
"Jerry Trupiano is the consummate play-by-play man. No one in the business is better at calling a baseball game than Jerry. He's smart, quick-witted, laser sharp and excitable in all the right places. I respect him more than anyone and credit him for not only hiring me while I was still in college but also with teaching me the fundamentals of broadcasting." March 9, 2011

Joe Buck, Fox Sports
"This site contains the work of one of the best announcers in the game. Jerry Trupiano is accurate, a hard worker, knowledgeable and a great guy. Any team would be lucky to have him. My dad, Jack would say the
same thing." March 9, 2011

Mike Mutnansky has a gig and JT doesn't? Come on, people....

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