Thursday, April 21, 2011


Dave O'Brien is a pro. A real steam roller: "right through there"

Dale Arnold is a pro. Different style. I enjoy them both. Dale's facility, or should i say, obsession, with Twitter has brought a new dimension to the Same Old Joe Show this year, one which, in small doses, is most enjoyable.

More importantly, has anybody noticed this?

When O'Brien does the game, he always does the first inning now (no longer just on weekends). Neither he nor Joe is introduced as "the Voice of the Boston Red Sox"

When Dale is on, Joe goes to the first inning call, and is introduced by Dale as "The Voice of the Boston Red Sox", as has been customary for years.


Rich said...

Proud to say that on Patriot's Day I turned the radio off every time they had a guest in the booth. I'd rather not listen at all, and catch up later. If only they'd get the message that such crap doesn't fly in Red Sox Nation.

Cole Kenman said...

Is this blog no more? That's too bad, as the continued biplay between Joe and Dale is deserving of comment. The banter between the two sounds forced at times, and Joe's contempt toward Dale feels thinly veiled.