Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Eleven

I went to the park on Friday, which, if you are scoring at home, and I hope that you are, was the sole win of the season before last night. I have been a critic of the lipstickonapigization of Fenway, but I got my comeuppance on Friday. The underneath of the dump, i.e the main concourse, was refitted this winter. It looks spectacular. Lots of fresh concrete for us to shed tears on for years in the future. It really opens up the look of the place and reminds you of what a modern ballpark is all about. As much as it pains me to say it, job well done. They should have done that first, rather than last, but what do I know.

And then there is the scoreboard. I fell for their gag, by the way. If you haven't read about it, it goes something like this: enter the park on Friday all giddy about green grass and the new scoreboard. I look up and the thing looks exactly like the old one. Same grainy pixels and weak ad signs surrounding the picture. Wait, what? I had seen them craning the thing into the park about a month ago, so I figured something was amiss.

Then, after Yaz trundled into the park from left field, epitomizing the shibboleth "time is a bitch", they did the big reveal and the grainy picture melted into a mega HD screen. A friend ( yup, I have a friend) who works for the Red Sox said they had been practicing that move for a week. Sweet. The Board operator was a little slow on the trigger for some of the in game stats, but the thing is massive, and not quite as distracting as the screen at Nationals park, where you find yourself watching the screen, as opposed to the game.

So, baseball's back. Now let's try to win a few

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