Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Six

For some reason, Blogger is not very iPad friendly.

Which is fine, since what is there to say about a 4 hit performance before 31,651 empty seats at the Jake last night. Maybe they should call it the Flo, since Progressive Insurance, home of the ubiquitous Flo has the naming rights.

On the radio side, there is another night with the estimable Dale Arnold, who, in addition to being an engaging broadcaster, also Tweets, sometimes with critical things to say about The Home Team. Good on ya, Dale. They kind of stink, presently.

But, hope springs eternal, even with the inscrutable DK on the mound.

Plus Thursday's game starts at noon, so I imagine my employer will pay me for a live blog of the broadcast.

also, a ticket for the opener fell into my lap, so I'll be there Friday

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