Friday, April 1, 2011

Day Two Semi Sort of Live Blog of the First Radio Broadcast

(courtesy Dale Arnold: used without any permission at all)

4:00 pm RIP Lou Gorman. He distinguished himself as the first RS GM with more than half a brain to come along in my lifetime. Anderson-Bagwell, blaHBLAH BLAH. You would have done the same thing.

The radio open, at least for today is customized to the lineup, thus rendering it even longer, if that's possible. Actually, somebody screwed up, since JD Drew was in the open, but Cameron is in right field.

Joe tells us it's 80 and sunny. I have a foot of snow in my driveway. Baseball, as A.B. Giamatti is oft quoted, is cruel. No more so than on the April day in NE.

[update] 4:06 pm

How crazy is this lineup?

[update] 4:09 pm

Although it happened on weekends last year, O'Brien actually started the call of the game as Joe C introduced him. tick tock Joe C

[update] 4:12 pm

Rangers' OF drops a fly ball, Ellsbury on second. Maybe they will go 162-0, after all.

[update] 4:17 pm

Youuuuuuuk. 1-0

It took eight minutes for the following phrases to be uttered:

"keep that line moving"

"the error came back to haunt them"

AGon, 2-0

[update] 4:23 pm

First veiled slam of Jeter occurs


soxdownunder said...

So, lc, what do we think of Dale Arnold. I reckon he's okay. He's not Trupe but he's okay.


soxdownunder said...

our pitching sucks

LC said...

@sdu Arnold is the best fillin yet. He's good, and so that sounds like damning with faint praise, but I'm not. I'd prefer him over Those Who Must Not Be Named