Friday, April 29, 2011

Start. Stop

Don't even get me started on Rick Dempsey. What a waste of air time.

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rich said...

In Thursday night's rain-delayed game: Around 1 AM, Sox down 3-1, but trying to rally and tie the game, Dale Arnold (I assume that was his nasally voice) actually says something like "In this sitaution, would you be rooting for a Red Sox hit, or an out?" - In other words, "I've been stuck here for about 5 hours, God I hope the Red Sox go down quietly so I can just go home." UNBELIEVABLE! You can think those thoughts, Dale, but DON'T say them out loud! If you have to ask if you really want the Sox to win, ever, no matter what the circumstances may be, then I think you've forfeited your right to be considered one of the "voices of the Red Sox." Fortunately, the Sox weren't quitters like him, they did rally to send the game to extra frames and almost took home a great win. Just go home, Dale, if these games are too much for you.