Monday, June 13, 2011


Ya well, went to Toronto for the three game set. Poor John Farrell.

Toronto is a bad team. Rogers Center is a good pahk, but they have hockey-rinked it up, with Boom Kapow, visual exclamation points, which makes it even more pathetic. I have been to a few pahks recently where the product on the field is obscured by the digital hoo-hah, and TO has fallen into that trap. A few observations:

1. J Bautista is the only thing they have going for them. So, Friday night was a four hour "Vote For Jose" flog-fest, complete with buttons, "campaign" ads and t-shirts. He'll make the All-Star team, relax up there.

2. Saturday, what to say? 16-4? Was it? I kind of lost track. Friday night's third baseman pitched in the 8th or ninth for the Jays, topping out at 75 mph. Saving the bully for Sunday I guess, How did that work out? One thing that you might not have noticed during the game was that it was Blue Jays' Kids days, and the poor little beasts/kids had to slog through another 4 hour blood bath to run the bases. It was ugly.

3. Ok, Sunday. I was sure I was going to see a no-hittah by Dashboard Lestah, except that pesky JB screamed a linah off the top of the CF fence that bounced up and out. Ells was pissed he didn't catch it. Lestah was, to put it mildly, unhittable. The problem was, he kept having to sit in the dugout waiting for the carousel of RS runners to get three outs, mostly by means of JD Drew K's. Man, does Drew look like shit. Papi's HR was one of the hardest hit balls I have ever seen, rising, as it hit the lower deck in right field.

4. On my eternal quest for beer more expensive than that at Fenway, I have succeeded. Rogers sells a half litre can of Stella for CDN$10.25. For those of you scoring at home, that's USD$10.50. Tasty, but expensive. It's 5% beer, but still.

5. This pretty much sums things up

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