Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glenn in the Big Boy Chair?

Dave van Horne, the Marlins broadcaster who is being honored at the Hall of Fame this weekend for the lifetime achievement of not strangling Glenn Geffner to death during the three plus years that he has suffered the indignity of being Geffner's partner, will not be broadcasting this weekend, since he will be at Cooperstown.

If it were me, I wouldn't go back.

In any event, Glenn will be the senior announcer in the booth Thursday-Sunday, and according to a hard hitting story in the Palm Beach Post today, "Bill Beck, the Marlins' recently retired traveling secretary, will fill in for Van Horne, joining Glenn Geffner in the booth."

Sounds like a powerhouse duo: Glennski and some old guy. Because I care, I will be listening and will try to give you some "highlights" unless I puke up my pancreas in the process of listening.

Bill Beck ten years ago hugs Tony Gwynne

Also, here's an importnt update on Glenn Geffner's Twitter popularity

He has 12 followers after 4 months. I am one of them, and there are two more with the last name of Geffner who follow him. He is really catching on in South Florida

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