Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Or That

Ok, it has been a while between posts, but the fact is that when you team is winning (mostly) and the radio people don't suck (mostly) what do you want from me? Just gratuitous oral sex references directed at J. Rish? I didn't think so.

But anyway, the BIG NEWS is that somebody's hero, Jerry Trupiano, is returning to Fenway Park for the first time since he got railed by management in 2006. You have to pay attention, but here's the news:

It's been five years since the Red Sox let broadcaster Jerry Trupiano go, but he’s also in the group of Houston radio icons that get mentioned from time to time.

And, in his case, we actually have an update to report: Trupiano is still looking for a full-time gig, preferably in baseball, but he said Thursday he is returning for the first time since the Red Sox let him go to Fenway Park, where he will broadcast the Cape Cod League’s All-Star Game.



meanwhile, although I have not posted much lately, I have been doing my research, and for you, and only you I have listened to Glenn Geffner on the Marlins broadcasts the last three nights. I have multiple illegal ways of accessing AtBat11, so don't even try. As for Geffner, he would be more entertaining if he was blowing a goat live on the air. No disrespect.

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