Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Bill Conlin is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Glenn Geffner is not and will not be.


soxdownunder said...

Being a stupid Australian, I'm not used to walking in the snow.  So on our first day here I fell down and injured myself.  It hurts a lot.  I skied for two days but then took somebody's advice and went to the local clinic for an x-ray on my ribs.  I unwittingly wore my "OK Okajima" t-shirt.   It was the talk of the Hakuba Medical Centre.  Even some real pretty nurses wanted to know where it came from and why I was a fan.  

Anyways, it was my favorite t-shirt and Okajima-San my favorite player on the 2007 world champion team.  Hearing he has come to terms with the Yankees makes me feel ill.  I feels like somebody tore my heart out.   I blame that idiot Francona  for sending him down last May.   Does anyone seriously think a Japanese player would stop trying in September like those fat texanmotherfuckers???

My favorite personal memories.  
(1)  I was at Fenway the day he was voted onto the all star team.  
(2) I saw him get a solid ten minute ovation at the Tokyo dome in the red sox (very) away opener in 2008.  
(3) being accosted by a japanese american in San Diego wanting to buy or trade by OK t-shirt
(4) And of course his 2+ innings of relief in game 2 of the '07 'Series pretty much won that game.

I am having evil thoughts.  I am thinking it would be good (or, at least, just) if Mariano Rivera loaded the bases and got injured in a tied ALCS game 7 at Fenway Park and Oki came in, got booed and then struck out Pedroia, Youk and that Christian fuck from San  Diego.  

"It breaks your heart.  It was designed to break your heart."

 Mrs sdu (always a tower or strength and compassion at these times, a rock hard yin to my marshmallow yang) reckons I should just grow the fuck up.  She says: this is the business we have chosen.  But what do I tell the 8 year old sox fan?

I am moving on.  I have a new favorite t-shirt for instance.  It says: Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn.  And so they should.

It is snowing and is very beautiful here.  

Hugs to all.

I remain sadly, disgruntledly yours,

Soxdownunder (in Hakuba, Japan)

soxdownunder said...

And what on earth is a cane eater? Is it the sort of thing that closes down the comments or is that more in the nature of calling a Christian from San Diego a fuck"?

kinda censored downunder