Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh No, Big O

Chad Finn reports that Entercom, owner of WEEI(FM) has clocked Glenn Ordway, who partners(ed) with Michael Holley on the so-called Big Show in afternoon drive. Ordway talked about it during the first break of the show today. This follows a leaked focus group that Entercomm ran in January, where pointed questions about Ordway and others were asked. Entercomm also declined to spring for the show to go to the S. Bowl, in the Patriots' absence. Not a good sign, although smart, since the Sports Hub went there and its key interview was future anchorman Steve Tasker.

Other than Glenn Geffner, I seldom kick a man when he's down. And, in Geffner's case, it is simply that the guy will never get up again.

Ordway had a good run, but was done in by falling ratings in the Fall and Winter Arbitron books. The Fall disaster was likely attributable to the red Sox' shitting the bed on their flagship station.

Ordway is a pro, and will bounce back. Give it to the guy, he propped up Johnny Most, when Mr. Most was mostly a wax figure in his waning years behind the Celtics' mike.

Finn says that some dude named Mike Salk, who honks in Seattle will be joining Holley, but there is no confirmation. At least its not the loud mouth from Miami who was on over the Holidays, whose name I choose not to remember.

Check Fang's Bites for updates.

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