Monday, February 11, 2013

One Day More

OOh baby, is 2013 starting out with a whimper. Over the weekend we learned that Dice K is reunited with Terry ("Snake" Francona) and that some guy who played up in Portland last year shot him self a couple of weeks ago. At this rate, I wish I had shot myself a couple of weeks ago, but he's going to be OK, so I would have as well.

Memo to those of you lingering on the Snake celebration in China. It turns out that although China is a socialist/communist country, the government also allows people to adhere to the teachings of Buddha. As a result there are a lot of "temples" around, in cities big and small, where the locals go to buy incense in honor of some entreaty or whatnot to Buddha. These "temples" are generally money making operations for a local tough guy, who hires the "monks" to sell the incense to the lower classes, who think they are talking to god.

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